Pomellato unveils a fresh collection of jewellery that features a unique double-sided design, providing jewellery enthusiasts with the choice of two different stones in each pendant or bracelet. Introducing Pom Pom Dot, a delightful range of exquisite pieces by Pomellato. The brand places great emphasis on evoking joy, infusing every jewel with a sense of positivity. This is evident in the vibrant gemstones and diamonds, the pleasing texture of rose gold with its softly contoured shape, and the whimsical playfulness of the varying proportions.

The concept of the design is centred around a button, which is a significant element in Pomellato’s design history. This button was originally featured on a gold necklace in 1974 and holds great inspiration and meaning. The round and soft silhouette of the Pom Pom Dot collection is a modern representation of this button, symbolising connection and protection. By transforming the button into a precious jewel, Pom Pom Dot serves as a reminder to appreciate the simple joys in life. The collection’s playful and fresh appearance captures the lighthearted essence of Milanese fashion and encourages us to focus on the positive aspects of life. The name Pom Pom Dot embodies this cheerful spirit, drawing associations with both Pomellato and the delightful pom poms. The discs of the jewellery can be flipped to reveal a different gem, offering a spontaneous and unexpected way to wear the same piece in various styles. The Pom Pom Dot jewels come in three different variations. The first variation features green malachite on one side and mother of pearl on the other. The second variation showcases dazzling white diamonds on one side and mother of pearl on the other. The third variation combines grey mother of pearl on one side and white mother of pearl on the other.

With a simple flip, each pendant or bracelet allows the wearer to choose their preferred colour to wear. The fashionably chic colours of the Pom Pom Dot collection can be easily mixed and matched or stacked, adding a refreshing and playful touch to everyday jewellery.

Each gemstone possesses a unique positive energy: malachite radiates a calming aura that fosters inner peace and optimism. Diamonds symbolise bravery and resilience, while mother of pearl is linked to overall wellness by safeguarding and harmonising emotions. Grey mother of pearl embodies wisdom and patience. In line with Pomellato’s Milanese design aesthetic, the Pom Pom Dot collection celebrates the allure of refined sophistication. The craftsmanship of the goldsmith is evident in every intricate detail. The circular shape of the disc is achieved through the meticulous crafting of each gold component. Every pendant and bracelet features a ‘gold thread’ that runs through both sides of the button. One side of the ‘gold thread’ is crafted in elegant rose gold, while the other side is adorned with sparkling white diamonds. Complementing the collection are three pairs of earrings available in malachite, diamond pavé, or white mother of pearl, designed to elegantly adorn the earlobe. The innovative design of Pom Pom Dot embodies a sense of contemporary style and adaptability. Pom Pom Dot stands as Pomellato’s latest line of jewellery, destined to bring joy to jewellery enthusiasts worldwide.