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Product code: VIC241982

Victorinox Journey 1884

Embrace the Mountaintop

Inspired by Switzerland’s love of hiking, the Journey 1884 perfectly blends the spirit of the outdoors with its engineering DNA. Antishock and antimagnetic resistance ensure accuracy. High-quality materials, clever design detailing and innovative functions make this your go-to companion on life’s big adventure.

The Journey 1884 with quartz movement embodies a pioneering spirit. Its antimagnetic protection guards against inaccuracy caused by electropollution. This, combined with its built-in shock resistance and high-quality rubber strap for versatile, comfortable wearing, makes it an ideal partner in time.

Key features

  • Effortless wearing thanks to ISO certified shock and water resistance
  • Antimagnetic protection shields movement from electropollution to ensure accuracy
  • Tool-free changeable rubber strap, for quick personalisation
  • Diameter 43mm
  • Bracelet material rubber