A mother-of-pearl ode to the moon’s kiss

Occasionally, a genuinely pure perspective proves to be the most valuable. When the daughter of Frederique Constant’s Director of Research & Development embarked on envisioning a moonphase, it diverged significantly from the typical presentation, opting for a unique approach unlike that of a watchmaker or a designer. Her creativity was fueled by a more sentimental and lyrical inspiration; the outcome being two crescents of a moon coming together and intertwining amidst a celestial setting.

A bespoke Moon

This small enchanting creation is showcased in the window at 6 o’clock, highlighting a lunar disc crafted specifically for Frederique Constant. Alternating between light and dark tones of grey, the two moon halves meet in a tender kiss. The moon’s delicate and muted colours were carefully selected to complement the watch design. In every variation, the steel case with silver accents is paired with steel hands floating above a mother-of-pearl dial. The dial’s iridescent sheen comes in shades of pink, light green, blue, or grey, in soft tones that shift gracefully with the changing light.

The traditional and timeless design of this layout is further improved by the addition of a new hour ring. Instead of the usual Arabic numerals, elegant Roman numerals have been used, enhancing the overall aesthetic. In a unique move for this collection, the Roman numerals are crafted in the same colour as the leather strap with topstitched details, creating a distinctive style that is exclusive to this collection. This is a rare feature in the world of watchmaking.

The latest designs have a diameter of only 36 millimetres and are equipped with the identical self-winding FC-331 calibre, featuring a power reserve of 38 hours. To enhance their elegance, two of the models are adorned with a luxurious hour ring and bezel, embellished with a total of 96 diamonds, amounting to 1.17 carats. The initial model showcases a vibrant and contemporary apple green colour, while the second model is presented in a stylish denim blue shade.

The hour ring is adorned with 56 diamonds in total, amounting to 0.7 carats, on the other two pieces. These understated variations are available in navy blue with coordinating hands or a cozy, romantic red with steel hands.