For the first time, Dior Grand Soir enters the world of creative complication with a mechanical automaton, pursuing the audacious spirit of the collection since 2012

The renowned House of Dior has been crafting exquisite timepieces since 1975, when they introduced their first watch, the Black Moon, to the world. This sleek and sophisticated watch was crafted from stainless steel and came in three timeless colour options: black, gold, and silver. It quickly gained popularity among fashion enthusiasts and became a must-have accessory for the elite. Today, Dior is a prominent player in the world of Haute Horlogerie, known for their diverse collections including the delicate D de Dior, the bold Gem Dior line, the enchanting Grand Bal, and the iconic Dior Grand Soir.

The Dior Grand Soir timepiece series embodies the Maison’s sophisticated creativity and use of colour, combined with a traditional watchmaking mechanism featuring oscillating weights, bezels, calibers, and intricate dials. Initially introduced in 2012, the mechanical automaton pieces were only launched last year, appealing to individuals with a bold sense of style, refined craftsmanship, and a passion for innovation. Due to the meticulous handwork involved in crafting each miniature masterpiece, most models are limited editions. The latest additions, the Grand Soir Automate Etoile de Monsieur Dior and the Miroir d’Eau, uphold these principles while honouring the legacy of Christian Dior and his admiration for the natural world.

The Grand Soir Automate Miroir d’Eau draws inspiration from a significant symbol in the life of the founder of the Haute Couture Maison. Christian Dior held a deep affection for the Gardens at the Villa Les Rhumbs in Granville. As a child, he cherished the moments spent amidst its ponds and rose beds, particularly captivated by the pergola he had personally designed and its reflections in the water. The Dior Grand Soir Mirroir d’Eau pays homage to this cherished garden, which served as an immaculately preserved paradise for the designer. It beautifully captures the essence of its enchanting ponds and waterlilies in six different colour variations, each meticulously painted to mirror the ever-changing hues of daylight throughout the day.

The undulating waters create a mesmerising effect with layers of iridescent mother of pearl, capturing the graceful motion of the body of water. Adorned with waterlilies crafted from vibrant coloured gemstones like sapphires and diamonds, as well as a delicate diamond bee and golden dragonfly, the scene is truly enchanting. When activated, the dial springs to life, with one of the exquisite stone flowers swaying and twirling as if floating on the water’s surface. Meanwhile, a dainty Dior bee hovers and sips nectar, adding to the magical ambiance. On the opposite side of the dial, a Corolla flower with glistening pistils drifts lazily in the water, accompanied by a feathered dragonfly gliding gracefully against the ripples. With a simple press of a button, this miniature natural world comes alive, transporting the wearer into their own precious and clandestine garden.