TAG Heuer is proud to unveil its latest collection of TAG Heuer Aquaracer Professional 200 Solargraph watches, following the success of the groundbreaking TAG Heuer Aquaracer Solargraph two years ago. These exceptional timepieces are meticulously crafted for enduring performance and effortless style, making them the perfect companion for outdoor adventures.

This remarkable collection pays tribute to the adventurous spirit of the Aquaracer series, now available in a brand-new size of 34 mm.

Aquaracer through the ages

The illustrious history of the TAG Heuer Aquaracer dates back to 1978, when Jack Heuer introduced the Heuer Reference 844, a timepiece specifically designed for adventure enthusiasts. This versatile watch, suitable for both men and women who enjoy sports and challenges on land or in the water, paved the way for a new category of high-performance timepieces that excel in all conditions, even the most extreme. In 2004, it was officially named the TAG Heuer Aquaracer. The philosophy of the TAG Heuer Aquaracer has always been centred around boldness, activity, and a deep connection with nature. It embodies a perfect fusion with the elements while maintaining an inherent elegance. In 2022, TAG Heuer embarked on a groundbreaking journey with Solargraph technology, introducing a 40mm timepiece with a carbon bezel that revolutionised the watch industry. This remarkable timepiece is powered by a solar movement, a first for the brand.


The year 2023 witnessed the expansion of the Solargraph family with the introduction of a titanium version. Now, in 2024, TAG Heuer is set to redefine elegance and functionality with the introduction of the 34mm size. This new addition to the Aquaracer collection complements and enhances the versatility of the timepieces, offering smaller options for discerning individuals.

Similar to its predecessors, the new 34mm size models retain the key features of the Aquaracer collection. These include a unidirectional rotating bezel, screw-down crown, water resistance to 200 meters, luminous markings, sapphire crystal, and a double safety clasp.

Snow And Starlight

The new line showcases a range of five distinct dials, each imparting a unique character to the timepieces.

The everyday line presents two watches, one featuring TAG Heuer’s iconic Aquaracer Polar Blue dial and the other showcasing the brand’s signature blue dial. The latter option incorporates the signature Solargraph elements, including the collection’s distinctive polar blue accents on the second hand, dial markings, and minute track. These accents serve as a visual symbol, distinguishing the references that incorporate the Solargraph technology and infusing them with an authentic outdoor narrative. The dials themselves exude an enchanting charm, making them perfect for those seeking an everyday elegance in their sporting endeavours.

TAG Heuer has made a groundbreaking move by introducing mother-of-pearl dials in the Solargraph series. This presented a unique challenge as the Solargraph technology requires semi-transparency to harness solar energy. However, TAG Heuer ingeniously adapted mother-of-pearl to meet these requirements, ensuring visibility while allowing light to pass through.

The result is a dial that maintains its elegance and showcases a captivating beauty, a true testament to TAG Heuer’s avant-garde approach. The Solargraph collection now includes three exquisite timepieces that redefine luxury in sports. These include a sleek version, one adorned with diamonds on the indexes, and a third with diamonds on both the indexes and bezel. These watches subtly deviate from the typical polar blue accents of the Solargraph collection, introducing an element of understated elegance that perfectly complements their elevated luxury. The enchanting shimmer of the diamonds combined with the mother-of-pearl dial enhances the allure of these watches. The interplay of light and reflection mirrors the sparkle of the first snowfall, creating a visual spectacle that is brilliantly captured in the design of these timepieces.

An elegant transformation

While staying true to the historic design code, which includes the ergonomic riders on the bezel – a feature introduced in 1982 – TAG Heuer’s designers have dedicated significant effort to modernising these riders for the new timepieces. This marks the first departure from rectangular or triangular forms. The new watches have been reimagined with trapezoidal-shaped riders, aligning with the trapezoidal indexes on the dial, adding a refined and feminine touch to the watch.

The mother-of-pearl dial watch, featuring diamonds on both the indexes and bezel, retains the iconic 12 o’clock triangle – a powerful aesthetic code of TAG Heuer. A 1.8mm diamond has been thoughtfully positioned to emphasise the brilliance of the triangle.


Sleek and stylish

The TAG Heuer Aquaracer Solargraph series is a meticulously crafted timepiece with intricate design. It is powered by a solar quartz movement, providing accurate timekeeping, date display, and a second-hand function. In addition to the traditional Aquaracer quartz models, this series proudly features a date window positioned at 3 o’clock.

The design of this timepiece also prioritises ergonomics. TAG Heuer has adjusted the lug-to-lug distance to ensure a compact fit that caters to a wide range of wrist sizes, including those of women. The proportions of the watch have been carefully refined, resulting in a sleek profile with a slim case thickness of only 9.5mm. This makes it a comfortable and stylish choice for any occasion.

Sun-powered precision

The Solargraph movement by TAG Heuer harnesses the power of the sun, an unlimited energy source, and offers numerous advantages. With this movement, there is no need to replace the watch’s battery as it can be recharged by sunlight or artificial light. Just a two-minute exposure to direct sunlight is sufficient to power the watch for an entire day. Once fully charged, the watch can run for up to 10 months without any light exposure after spending less than 40 hours in the sun. If the timepiece stops running, it only requires ten seconds of exposure to any light source to restart, thanks to its highly efficient recharge time.

To develop this reliable and efficient movement, known as Calibre TH50-01, TAG Heuer collaborated with Manufacture La Joux-Perret in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. The Calibre TH50-01 is exclusively developed and manufactured for TAG Heuer and comes with a 5-year extended warranty.